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Tutorial - Gift Box Suggestions for Etsy Merchandise

This is a continuation of my tutorial from last week. I've decided to add tutorials as a feature on the blog whenever I think of something new to share. I figure I used (and CONTINUE to use) other people's tutorials, so I may as well contribute too.

That said... let the tutorial begin!

How you package the items you sell on Etsy can do a lot to help brand your store, as well as make your items seem even more luxurious. No customer wants to receive their beautiful jewelry, one-of-a-kind art piece, or delicate hand-made soap just shoved into a bubble mailer without a care.

So how to address creating a stunning way to package your merchandise without it adding a significant amount to your costs?

You may have seen Etsy sellers who order traditional jewelry-type boxes, and that's always an option, especially if you're selling a lot and can buy in bulk. However, I'm going to put out a suggestion for those of you that have smaller items that I haven't seen a lot of people using right now.

Pre-made wedding favor boxes.

That's right. The same boxes people put those scary Jordan almonds in as wedding favors. As it turns out, they're reasonably priced, easy to buy large amounts of, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They're also a lot nicer looking than they used to be as well. As much as I'm generally irritated by Martha Stewart, I have to admit that her line of wedding favor boxes are absolutely lovely and sophisticated, as are many other lines now

Wedding favor boxes are pretty easy to customize as well. Many of these pre-made boxes come in materials that are stampable and all can be stickered (make stickers of your logo and/or merchandise with Moo.com for added branding value!) . You can also personalize them with ribbons and tags as well.

Another nice thing about wedding favor boxes is their availability. With many people doing a lot for their wedding themselves, favor boxes are everywhere. You can pick them up everywhere from party supply stores, to craft stores, to Walmart.

*Money Saving Tip*
I've subscribed to my local craft store's e-newsletter. Most weeks they send me coupons for 40% off. That makes favor boxes even more affordable. I'm actually currently using pillow boxes for my jewelry that I picked up from said craft store and I was happy with the price and the boxes.

So overall, I think you'll find wedding favor boxes at least one more possibility for how to package your merchandise in an appealing way, if not the complete answer to your packaging problems.