4:31 PM

LJ Post- Feb 23, 2009

Thanks to some help from the Etsy forums and this really fabulous webpage outlining how to make a light box for next to nothing (or just nothing in my case) I now have some decent photos on my Etsy store finally. The original photos were completely stressing me out. It's hard to convince people that your jewelry is well-made when the photos aren't.

So the light box... I made it out of a box I got my last Amazon shipment in, some masking tape, and some old interfacing I had lying around. Total cost: zilch. Total time investment: a half hour tops. Total payoff: WAY better photos!

I was able to upload the new photos of my already-listed items today. I've also got the photos for about another dozen items waiting to be listed. I figure I'll be listing them a few at a time over the next few days. Some of my favorite of the new items are based around a new motif I came up with whilst trying to make something palm frondy using dagger beads. My original idea didn't work, but I'm happy with the design that accidentally came out of it.

Hooray for fortuitous accidents.