4:27 PM

LJ Post- Feb 11, 2009

We've got two new necklaces on the store today: another Sunburst necklace, this one in teal and silver, and a new motif, Nippon.

Nippon is characterized by a stunning opalescent rectangular glass bead. It is finished at the bottom with french coil loops (in this case, silver-plated ones). The entire motif is 1.5in (3cm) long.

This variant, called Pearl, is accented by pearlized white and matte gold seed beads and three sizes of white freshwater pearls.

We've also swapped out some of the worst item images for clearer ones. We'll be continuing to do this until all the images are as clear and true-to-life as possible.

The top banner of the store has been polished a bit too. It's still just our placeholder banner until we put together something a bit more exciting, but we think you'll agree it's looking a bit spiffier today than it was at launch.