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Moo Cards - How do I love thee? Let me count the Moos.

Moo.com: for quite awhile I've been a fan of this business card/sticker/postcard creation site. Last year I tried out making stickers (all featuring my cat Spike... yes, I'm a complete dork for making stickers of my cat, but we knew that already) and was delighted at the results.

I had been meaning to get business cards for my Etsy store, and decided to go with my gut and try out Moo's Mini Moo cards. They're a bit more expensive than other business cards, but they've got a heaping pile of benefits anyone in a creative industry can appreciate.

First, the card designing is all done via their website. So fussing with creating the actual card layout yourself in, say, Photoshop, is unnecessary. You crop your photos to the business card (or sticker, or postcard) size directly on the website, and then design the back of the card using templates. Yup, they're two-sided cards: one side has your pictures, the other has your traditional business card text.

And your photos... you can upload them to the site OR you can link directly to your Etsy, Flickr, or Facebook account to use the photos you've already uploaded in the past to those accounts. It's freakishly easy.

The other thing that's great about Moo.com's products, and this might be my favorite part, is the fact that each business card can have a completely different graphic on the front. If you order 50 business cards, the cards can utilize 50 different graphics. Feel like only using 10 different images? Then you get 10 of each. How's that for helping you to promote a variety of your items?!

So how did my cards turn out? See for yourself:

Here is the front and back of the cards. I directly linked my Etsy account to Moo.com to use the photos I was already utilizing from my store. In designing the text side of my card I was happy to discover that Moo.com has a mini Etsy banner that you can use on your cards.

Here you can see some of the different images I used for my cards. The Mini Moo cards come in batches of 100. I used 30 different photos, giving me about 3 of each card.

I also ordered a case for my cards. They're only $4.99 USD each and come in 4 different colors. I've got mine hanging from my purse so that I've got business cards in an instant. As you can see, I pimped mine out a bit with a sticker.

...SPEAKING of stickers, I ordered another set of stickers as well. I'm planning to add them to my packaging when I mail out jewelry purchases. I know it's a silly thing, but I love that Moo.com gives you a couple of color options for the cover of your sticker book. It's a little detail, but it's the little details that make Moo.com special.

Here are the stickers themselves. They're small (around the size of a postage stamp), so make sure you pick out simpler images for your stickers as tiny details will get lost when the image is shrunk down to sticker size.

My first batch of Mini Moo cards and stickers weren't perfect, but that was my fault, not Moo.com's. I learned quite a bit about which of my photos make the most impact on the skinny little Mini Moo cards and which maybe just don't work quite right. Regardless of this, I'm overall deleriously happy with my purchase and I can't recommend the site enough. It's definitely worth the extra cost.

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