6:42 PM

Etsy Store feature - Felt The Love

I'm adding a feature to this blog to talk about some of my favorite Etsy sellers. First up is Felt The Love.

I was recently looking for a case for my iPod Touch. The cases in stores bored me completely, so I decided to see what Etsy had to offer. There's lots of great cases to be found on Etsy, but my favorites were sold in the Felt The Love store.

Felt The Love currently has iPod, iPhone, and Blackberry cases composed of felt with exciting and fun details like buttons, contrasting thread, feathers, and felt cut-outs. They also sell adorible felt rings as well. The items are fun, creative, and VERY reasonably priced.

I intended to order a specific case, but unfortunately it was sold before I was able to purchase it. As it turns out, this wasn't a problem. I contacted the shop and they were happy to make me a copy of the case I had wanted. This shop was quick to get back to me with answers to my questions, perfectly willing to do a custom order, and sent out my case quickly.

Plus, my case came stuffed with Sweet Tarts, which was a fantastic bonus for a sugar fiend like myself.

Felt The Love is a great option for people looking for an iPod case with a bit of personality... and candy... I can't say enough about the candy.

*Here's the case I picked up. Isn't it fun?